Notable Towndrows

Here we make mention of some notable Towndrows, both ancient and modern.

Paul Towndrow

Paul is a noted saxophonist with CDs in your local music emporium right now.He plays with a trio, a quartet and the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra.

“As one of the most interesting young alto players on the scene, Towndrow has the makings of a great technique… …He plays jazz the way it should be played – straight from the soul.” Edinburgh Evening News ; “Paul Towndrow – write that name down because it’s going to be a big one in the future!” – Humphrey Lyttleton, BBC Radio 2

Guardian Newspaper review at,11712,1559657,00.html

Tom Towndrow

Tom is an actor who has appeared in Hollywood movies “Into The Blue” and “A Christmas Carol”, alongside the likes of John Thaw, Patrick Stewart and Richard E Grant.

Jennifer Towndrow

Jennifer is a published writer on architecture and has written a biography of the Australian architect Philip Cox.

Thomas Towndrow

Thomas Towndrow, an inventor and journalist, published Complete Guide to the Art of Shorthand Writing, Being a New and Comprehensive System of Representing the Elementary Sounds of the English Language in Stenographic Characters in 1834.  It was among the first works to present phonetic shorthand. (Source: The National Cyclopaedia of American Biography). A short biography is here >> Thomas T

Lee Towndrow

Lee’s website showcases his photography, video and broadcast, and print design work. 

Thomas Austin (Tom) Towndrow

Tom was a local council official and enthusiastic leader of a sea scout troop on the Thames. His notoriety stems from the contribution he made to the war effort during the Dunkirk evacuation. He captained the Minotaur, one of the many ‘little ships’ that undertook many journeys to France to transport troops home in 1940. He was remembered in an obituary in The Times on September 25 2006.

Roger Towndrow

Roger is an artist and lecturer in Fine Art in Falmouth, UK. See

Richard Francis Towndrow (1845 – 1937)

“RFT” was a published poet and a well-regarded local botanist, more about whom appears in Archive.

William Towndrow (1802 – 1896)

William was a key figure in the development of the community of Malvern Link, England. More about him appears in Archive

Kenneth Romney Towndrow (1845 – 1937)

Kenneth was a published art critic, more about whom appears in Archive