John T. b1640 & Anne Snead

John b1640 was the son of Richard & Elizabeth (about whom we know little at present). John married Anne and had 8 children.

One of their sons was Benjamin Towndrow (b. Ashover, Derbyshire, May 21 1684) who married Anne Grannah and had ten children. Six or more children at the time was not uncommon and the large families over the next couple of centuries, and the relatively limited number of forenames, can make tracing lineage difficult.

Their key descendants are Benjamin b.1704, William b. 1725, Joseph b. 1728.

It has only been with the advent of extensive online genealogy records that I have been able to establish that Benjamin b1684 and Benjamin b1704 are father and son, not more loosely related as has been previously thought. At past reunions we referred to “two sides” of the family or “rich and poor”, but in fact there are no such divisions!