Beginning in the UK, significant Towndrow branches have been established in Australia (predominantly New South Wales), the USA (New Mexico & nearby, New York) and Canada (Ontario). There is also a branch in India.


USA Towndrows

James and John Henry who emigrated from Derbyshire in the 1870s to the USA and are the ancestors of many of the Towndrows currently residing in the US and Canada. Key branches of the Towndrow clan were and are still based in New Mexico and New York.

Australia Towndrows

Benjamin T. arrived in Australia in the mid 1840’s, and married Rhoda Brooks at Sydney on the 5th April 1851.
[Benjamin was born in Bedford England on the 26th April 1807. Benjamin was mentioned in the now famous diary that was written by Benjamin Towndrow b. 22nd November 1843. It was this diary that confirmed the link between Australia and England.]
They had 3 children: Benjamin born Sydney 29th June 1851 and died Sydney 4th Aug 1851; George born Sydney 3rd September 1854 and died Sydney 9th April 1856; Job was born in Sydney NSW Australia 22nd Jan 1853 and died in Newcastle NSW Australia 26th Nov 1924

Job married Elizabeth Norman at Wickham NSW in 1876. Elizabeth was named after the Ship “Elizabeth” that brought her family, the Norman’s, to Australia. On the Archive page you can see Job T. and Elizabeth Norman. are pictured at their home in Wickham NSW Australia. Wickham is an inner suburb of Newcastle. Their home was called “HALWRM” It was named after the initials of their surviving children :Herbert Job Norman T. Alfred George T. Leslie Warboys T. William Hart T. Raymond Oscar T. Muriel Rhoda Elizabeth T.

There are other descendants now living in Australia, but this clan was the first and is the largest currently known.