Family Tree

Our key goal as Family historians is to piece together as much of the Towndrow Family Tree as possible, no doubt on the way making some fascinating discoveries.

Work falls broadly into two areas : exploring existing lines in the family tree to trace every line to its ultimate end, and trying to fit newly-discovered Towndrows from today into the existing framework. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Our investigations are constant – there’s so much more to find out, so many more pieces of the puzzle to fit together.  What we have has been painstakingly brought together over many years, but many hands make light work.

Full Towndrow Tree

Here & Now

In the UK, apart from our ‘stronghold’ in the Midlands, there are branches of T’s who lived in East London, Liverpool and the Malverns. We’re now scattered in most of the English-speaking countries, and a few more besides. Through the Reunions you may meet relatives who are less distant than you may suppose. 

DNA Analysis

In July 2004, using DNA testing of the two branches, we proved the existence of a common ancestor – but have not yet found his identity via more conventional searches of parish records etc.

For years, a group of Towndrow’s have attempted to determine if the two well known Towndrow Branches, Benjamin/Dorothy and Benjamin/Anne were in fact connected. The feeling was that they had to be related as they both lived in the Ashover Hay area of Derbyshire, England between 1704 and 1753. On 14 July 2004 the Y-DNA12 test was completed for both Richard William Towndrow (Benjamin/Anne) and Robert Towndrow (Benjamin/Dorothy). The results show that they are definitely related as depicted by the exact 12 marker match. 

In an effort to better refine the DNA information to determine the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA), Richard & Robert’s DNA samples were retested to determine the 13 – 25 & 26 -37 markers. On 11 October 2005 the test were completed with the results included in the accompanying DNA Alleles Chart. There was a one point deviation in the 13 – 25 marker test, and a one point deviation in the 26 – 37 marker test for a total of 2 separate marker deviations of one point each.

The Family Tree Database

Our Family Tree is mapped out using a software package called “Family Tree Maker”. With this, you can explore all of the detail of our genealogy, dating back to our earliest traced ancestor, and find out where you fit in. The software is available at most major computer outlets, or you can check out their website at

Not on the Tree? Personal details incorrect? Want to add some information? We also have a list of contact information for Towndrows across the world. For any of this, go to Contact Us.

Smaller parts of the grand family tree have also been submitted, and details are available in other formats – click the links and the document will open in a new window.

Terence T ancestors

William George T tree

Raymond T ancestors

Karen Marshall tree

Karen Marshall tree

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